Wednesday, October 14, 2009

broken arm

I broke my arm. Well actually I broke my clavicle or collar bone. This means that I can not craft. I am going crazy. This sucks I cant take any thing because I am breast feeding witch is hard with a broken collar bone.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Felt food and a tutu

I started on my daughters felt food, so far I have made 4 strawberry's and a chocolate chip cookie. This is such a fun idea.

I also decided to make a no sew tutu. The ribbon is a Disney fairies print just like her room. I went to the Dollar tree and got a pair of $1.00 wings. I tried them on her and she looks so cute. it isn't like she will remember by Solstice. Her shoes are way to big for her little feet. Effy loves the Tutu she is giggling like crazy and chewing on it.

I have a lot more felt food to make. I will keep updating.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homemade solstice gifts

Money is tight this year so I thought I would make some of my kids gifts. I relay like the Idea of felt food. I am going to make some fruits and veggies for my little girl. I am going to do some felt Harry Potter candy for my boys. I also might make them some owls for the owl post they use for the Hogwarts classes

I love schooling my kids at home They appreciate the little things and aren't so obsessed about status. Their is no one telling them they need to have this or that. I believe that they retain some of their innocence.
I am starting a new project. My husband found a doll house on the side of the rode. I plan to fix it up

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am finaly back online

I have bean off line for a long time. I got pregnant Aug of 2008. I was unexpectedly put on bed rest for my hole pregnancy. I spent my entire pregnancy in and out of the hospital. After my beautiful baby girl (we call her Effy) was born at the end of May she has had health problems. Effy was put in the hospital at only 2 weeks old. She has had a couple of problems cents then. Right now we are going through around of tests for a new issue the doctor found. We are hoping it is nothing. The doctor says their is a good chance that it is nothing.

My husband lost his job. He has Bean looking for a new one but has had no luck. The job market is so bad right now.

I hate the fact that I flaked on 2 Swaps but I did not know I would be having a pregnancy much less so many issues.