Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am finaly back online

I have bean off line for a long time. I got pregnant Aug of 2008. I was unexpectedly put on bed rest for my hole pregnancy. I spent my entire pregnancy in and out of the hospital. After my beautiful baby girl (we call her Effy) was born at the end of May she has had health problems. Effy was put in the hospital at only 2 weeks old. She has had a couple of problems cents then. Right now we are going through around of tests for a new issue the doctor found. We are hoping it is nothing. The doctor says their is a good chance that it is nothing.

My husband lost his job. He has Bean looking for a new one but has had no luck. The job market is so bad right now.

I hate the fact that I flaked on 2 Swaps but I did not know I would be having a pregnancy much less so many issues.

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