Sunday, February 21, 2010

fairy crown instructions

This is my first Attempt at posting instructions. I am going to be posting instructions on a couple of crafts for my little girls coming birthday party. I am doing a Tinkerbelle/fairy theme.

List of supplies

• Metal headbands
• Curling ribbon
• various silk flowers and leaves
• hot glue gun
• scissors

1. Wrap your head band with the curling ribbon secure ends with hot glue (I did not get pictures of this step sorry)

2. Cover the wrapped band with a layer of leaves.

3. Take a cluster of leaves I was lucky they wear already connected but you can glue them with hot glue.

4. Glue a flower in the center.

5. Glue bunched leaves and flower off to the side on the headband.

6. Start gluing flowers all up and down the sides.

All done. If you want you can add curling ribbon to the ends I plan to do this as soon as I get some pink. The store was out.

I made one for all the girls I plan to invite plus a few extras just in case. I am also making a special one just for Effy with more flowers. I will post pics as soon as it is finished.


  1. Very cute fairy crown! Nice crafts for the party! Sounds like it'll be fun.

  2. This is the cutest...and what a little fairy sweetheart!!