Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fairy Wand instructions

This is my second set of instructions for my little girls Tinkerbelle/fairy birthday.

List of supplies

• Wood dowels

• Curling ribbon

• Pom poms

• Pipe cleaners

• Purple metallic paint

• hot glue gun

• scissors

1. Paint a wood dowel with purple metallic paint.

2. Take a Pipe cleaner and bend it in half.

3. Bend it in half again.

4. Then bend it on last time.

5. Shape into a T.

6. Glue ribbon on hot glue bottom.

7. Continue to glue ribbons on.

8. Flip over.

9. Glue in pom pom.

10. Bend up prongs.
11. Make sure all prongs are even.
12. Glue on dowel.

13. You are finished.

I made one for all the girls I plan to invite plus a few extras just in case. Effy loves hers.

These are fun and easy to make.

1 comment:

  1. What a great tutorial! Thanks!

    I can see that you really put all your heart into this first birthday of your daughters! This is going to be such a great day, I think...with magic everywhere in the house!!