Monday, June 21, 2010

Infinity Won the Colorado State Cinderella Scholarship Pageant

Infinity Won the Colorado State Cinderella Scholarship Pageant In the Infant division. She is the 2010 Colorado State Cinderella Infant. She also won the cover baby title. I could not be prouder of her. This is a natural pageant (no makeup, hair pieces or fake Teeth) she was judged on her personality and natural beauty.

The whole experience was so much fun. Every one involved was grate. I meet some really grate people and I hope to see many of them again. I plan to have her compete in next years pageant and I hope she has fun during her reign this year. Unfortunately I could not make it to the internationals in Texas this July maybe next year.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Effy. She had so much fun doing this. I want to thank every one at Colorado Cinderella especially Mrs Mary. Thank you for helping me with all my questions and reassuring me all the way. You are the best.

This is Effy in the Baby play time compatishion. She was sharing her toys with the other girls it was so cute.
Hear is Effy on stage during the Casual ware competition.
Hear are the baby's she competed agents. They wear all so cute.
Hear is Effy during the beauty competition. I loved her dress so much. She looked so pretty.
She won the Cover baby title.

She won the state infant tital.
Hear are the Infant (Effy) Baby and Tiny tot winners.
Effy with her trophy's and crowns.

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