Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Infinity's Fairy 1st Birthday party

Hear are the pick of Effys Birthday.

Hear are her cakes the tree was for the rest of us and the mushroom was just for her. My mother and I made them. I think they came out great.

Hear is some of the food I made.
Butterfly celery with cream cheese.

Fairy bread.

Ladybug Crackers.

Vegetable Trays with purple cauliflower, Radishes carved into mushrooms and Hard boiled eggs topped with Tomatoes. It is supposed to look like mushrooms.

I wanted a fruit basket but I could not believe the price so I maid one.

This was really a easy and fun project.
Hear is the basket of favors. I got the lollipop toys at valentines day and the rest I have been making and gathering all year.
We had the Party at a park. it was so windy that I could not put up most of the decoration I had. But it was still fun.

The fairy costumes I made.

Hear are some of the kids in their Fairy/Pirate costumes. The older one is my youngest son Aristotle He broke his arm on the tramp on mothers day. They cant cast the humerus so he is in a brace and bandage. I cant get him not to use it.

Some of the kids sword fighting.

Effy loved Climbing the stairs.

Effy played so hard she bent her wings.

We had to go home to open the gifts it got so cold and windy. Effy made out like a bandit. I had so much fun planing this party. I cant believe my baby is one. My older son wants to go to water world for his 13th party in August So easy but My younger son wants a big pirate party for his 10th in November. So that is my next project to put together. I plan to post some of the boys past party's her in the next few months also.


  1. how did you make those cakes? They are awesome!!


  2. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Effys pageant appearances have kept me busy. I molded the Tree trunk around a dowel with crispy treats. I then took a cardboard cake round and put that threw the dowel. Then I molded crispy treats for the top. I did the same for the mushroom but I baked a cake in a Wilton ball pan and only used half. if you have more Questions just let me know.