Monday, February 11, 2013

Packing For Casual Wear

The right preparations for casual wear can make all the difference. Casual wear is where you can show your modeling personality. Again it is all about your appearance and attitude that means you two moms especially if you are accompanying your child on stage.

Lets talk about clothing. Casual or sports wear is not jeans and a t shirt it is also not gym cloths( unless specified as such read your rules). Think really nice school picture day outfit. Remember nicer than play wear but not party wear nice. Mary Jane's or Keds are fine depending on your outfit. I recommend knee or ruffle socks. Everything needs to be clean and pressed. Have a nice pin for your contestant number.

I like to see hair down for this competition. I think down hair makes the child look bigger on a giant stage. Remember always put in a matching bow.

The chaperon needs to look nice but blend in to the background. This is about the contestant. Chaperons are a accessory. Remember no denim ever. You are representing your child and the pageant system always look like it. Also if your contestant is representing a city or state so are you. This goes for any family or friends attending to. Everyone with your child is part of her entourage they need to make her look nice and respectable. You never know who is around every one needs to be on their best behavior at all times. It looks bad for you contestant if grandma is heard bad mouthing someone or something.

This is about having fun on stage. You and your child need to smile and show you want to be there.

Hear is one of Effy's casual wear outfits.
A different casual wear outfit. Yes I love eyelets and capri's on her.

Remember these are just my opinions and experiences. As a pageant mom at natural pageants.

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