Monday, February 4, 2013

Packing For Play Time

Packing right for play time in a pageant is important. Play time is usually the first time the Judges will get to see your little girl. Babies do not do interview so this is their closeup time to show their personality. Everything from toys, clothing and hair matters. Mom your appearance maters to.
I don't know why but every pageant I have attended that has a play time always says bring your child's favorite toy. I would not advise doing this. You want the toy to be something your child will be willing to share with the Judges as well as the other children. I recommend something small that has 3 pieces maybe a few more and matches the pageant theme or your child's clothing. I have done small bug cars, Little People, and bubbles amongst many others. You want it to be small because the last thing you want is the toy to overshadow your child, and you need to be able to bring it in and out quickly easily and gracefully. I say 3 pieces because your child only has 2 hands and will be more willing to share with full hands. Also make sure the toys look nice, clean and in good shape.
The play time outfit should be crisp clean and look new this includes the shoes and socks. No wrinkles or stains the rubber on your shoes should be white this is a close up with the judges they will see everything. Do not wear denim some judges my not care but many will mark you down. The outfit should look like you are going to see grandma and want to impress. This outfit is hard to pick, it cant be to dressy or to casual. The casual wear needs to be nicer than the play wear. I do not recommend dresses for this because you will enviably see their bloomers. I always recommend white leather Keds for this they are easier to keep clean than canvas and look crisp. Have a nice pin for your contestant number. I do not like the way it looks to have everything just right but use a safety pin for your number? All the girls are cute so the little things matter.
Your child's hair needs to be fun for this think pigtails or something just as cute. Bows are a must but do not go to crazy. You should not have to much product in her hair this is play time remember they want her to play and look like she is playing.
The chaperon needs to look nice think business casual. I always like dressy capri pants and a nice shirt. Do not take away from your child in your appearance remember you are her accessory. The judges will judge you to whether you like it or not.
Keep your child happy and relaxed before entering the play time area. Do not second guess your choices or compare your little one to the other girls. Hard trust me I know. You want them to be natural and relaxed for this. The most important thing is for you both to have fun.
This is a picture of Infinity in one of her play time outfits. Notice the small Little People castle.

This is a different playtime outfit. I loved the matching bugs.

Remember these are just my opinions and experiences. As a pageant mom at natural pageants.

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